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Smax Software Ltd based in Dublin, Ireland is an internet SAAS software development company.

We specialise in the bespoke publishing and management of websites , internet web portals , website management content systems, social networks and e-Commerce online directories. The complicated stuff we have already worked on it. Tested and ready for market with over 15 years development we now embrace the mobile Bootstrap 4 framework ensuring compatibility on every device.

Contact us with your ideas for a project and we will set up a free administration area that best fits your project goals for you to try out.

We have over 100 video tutorials to guide you through every step of the system.

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We Use Amazon EC2 servers.

SMS order notifications using Twilio

The worlds largest free image bank


Shopping Centers

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Shopping center portals. Fluid, responsive and to fit all platforms.

Group all the shops and business together under one online community and let each shop / business add their own information, special offers, jobs & events via their secure login. Community news , facebook & twitter links can be displayed, and info relevant to the shopping centre such as news & events.

App for IOS and Android

Download the Smax io app to easily manage all your content on the go.

Download on the App Store and Google Play

Online Directories SAAS solution

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The Web Design Agency SAAS solution

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e-Commerce Portals SAAS solution

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20@ languages

Our SAAS software is completely multi-lingual and can be managed easily in 20 different languages. A website solution can be managed with up to 7 different languages at any one time.

Integrated with the Google Translate API to ensure very high machine language accuracy for auto translations but with the ability to make perfect adjustments by an administrator.

Online Bookings & Reservations

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Private Social Networks

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Online Calendar Portals

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The Exchange Hub

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Cashfree Token Trading , Charities, Fund Raising Sites, Communities, Clubs & Assocations , Meet & Greet Celebrity Fund raisers

We trade services or products between other members on the site using a virtual currency!

Video Introduction to Smax

We have over 100 tutorial videos on our You tube channel recorded by our lead programmer. So every detail is not to be missed.
Check out our intro video below.

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We would love to hear from you with any project requests and grand designs you may have...